Presentation is key

A good CV is short, clear and well structured. Remember that the upper middle section of the first page is what the recruiter sees first, so make sure to include your most important information here.


HOW  TO WRite a cover letter

Introduce yourself, identify the position you are applying for and how you found it, explain how you are qualified for the position and why you would be a great fit for the job. Request an interview and thank the employer.

Your CV must INCLUDE: 

Personal and contact details
Education and qualifications
Work Experience
Relevant Skills
Interests / achievements

Keep it real!

Your interview will be based on the information in your CV, so be honest and factual. Use the space to showcase your skills and achievements and relate them to the job requirements.

Tailor your CV!

There is no such thing as a generic CV. Create a core CV and customize it to suit the requirements of each job you apply for. The clues are in the job description! Read it carefully, take notes and make bullet points, highlighting the requirements you can and cannot fill. If the job requires experience you do not have, include any related work that shows you have transferable skills, eg. If the job specifies sales experience, mention retail or customer service work to show your ability to deal with people.

Include a personal statement

Write a short personal statement to show why you are the best person for the job.

No gaps

Make sure you explain any significant gaps in your CV. Even if you were unemployed, you may have gained valuable transferable skills and experience from other pursuits.


Most of the roles you apply will require a similar set of skills. Make it easy for the recruiter by listing these skills in the order they appear on the job description.

Make the most of your interests 

Most job advertisements stipulate certain personality traits required for positions, so identify what they are and see how you can refer to these in the section on interests.

Check and double check

Avoid sloppy errors, ask for a second opinion from a friend or colleague. 


Our CV experts will check your CV and suggest changes if necessary.